Insurance Coverage for unpaid Leave

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Insurance Coverage for unpaid Leave

In the case of unpaid leave, the employee does not work for a certain period of time agreed with the employer and does not receive a salary during this period. In order to be able to enjoy the time off, it is important to know about the various insurance risks and to have taken precautions.

Accident Insurance

Accident insurance coverage ends 30 days after the start of the unpaid leave. If the unpaid leave lasts less than 30 days, no action needs to be taken in this regard. If the absence lasts between 31 and 180 days, a so-called agreement insurance can be taken out and thus the insurance cover can be extended up to a maximum of 180 days. After the 180 days, accident coverage must be added to the health insurance policy.

Pension Fund

Whether continued insurance in the pension fund is possible differs from pension fund to pension fund and is stipulated in its regulations. If continued insurance is possible, both the employee's and the employer's contributions must be paid by the employee.

Daily Sickness Benefits

In the case of unpaid leave, there is no entitlement to continued payment of salary or daily sickness benefit. Depending on the insurance provider, insurance coverage may be maintained during unpaid leave. This point can be clarified with the employer.

Social Insurance

If no salary is paid, no contributions are made to AHV, IV and ALV. The minimum contribution per year is currently CHF 503. If the minimum contribution is reached by employer and employee contributions, nothing has to be done. If not, an additional payment must be made to avoid a contribution gap.

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