Tax Deductibility of environmental protection Measures

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Tax Deductibility of environmental protection Measures

Investments in energy-saving and environmental protection measures have been deductible in most cantons for some time. As of 01.01.2023, the canton of Lucerne has now also adapted the deductions to the other cantons. The perfect moment to take a closer look at the topic…

Investment costs for environmental protection

In principle, investments that increase the value of a property are not tax deductible. Exceptions to this rule are investments that serve to save energy and protect the environment. It does not matter whether these increase the value of the property. Everything from a photovoltaic system on the roof to energy-efficient windows to the conversion to renewable energy systems such as heat pumps is deductible. Especially in times when saving electricity is the order of the day, such energy-saving measures could be financially worthwhile.

Why are these investments deductible?

The topic of environmental protection is omnipresent in all areas of life these days. Especially with the current energy shortage, it makes sense for many families to reduce their electricity consumption or even produce their own electricity. The federal government, as well as the cantons, do not want to stand in the way of this in any way. Incentives are therefore being created to make investments of this kind more attractive to the population. Not least because Switzerland has also committed itself to various international climate goals.

Note on solar energy in the Canton of Lucerne

As mentioned above, the canton of Lucerne has now also recognised solar panels as an "environmental protection measure" as of 01.01.2023, thus following the lead of the rest of Switzerland. It is important to note that investments made in 2022 are not affected by this regulation.

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